Peggy Ferris


Sexton/Head Deacon

Mark Goodwin


Mark is a long time member of Union Congregational Church. He takes pride in his work as sexton and is very dedicated in serving as Head Deacon.

Church Growth Chairperson

Saundra Ketner


Saundra is a bit camera shy, so we found a picture of her from some years ago. She is a smart, dedicated, caring, loving, and extremely hard working person and we are blessed to have her as Chairperson of Church Growth.

Trustees Building Manager

Carolyn Marks


We are truly blessed to have Carolyn on the Board of Trustees fulfilling the role of building manager. Carolyn is an amazing inspirational person with more energy than many of us put together. If anything needs doing on the building or on the grounds, Carolyn is right on it. She gives 110% of herself. If you happen see her, be sure to thank her for all she does.